Healthcare ID Card Printers

Powerful card printing capabilities to help you increase security and grow patient loyalty.

Healthcare ID cards can help you reduce costs and build patient loyalty by enabling personalized member services and safe, convenient access to hospitals and clinics. Whatever your healthcare card program entails, Pointman Technologies Solutions providers can work with you to identify and build the right solution to meet your needs. They positioned around the world to support you from initial system design through installation and testing, training and technical support.

Patient and Employee Identification

Issue attractive, durable and secure patient or visitor IDs – quickly and cost-effectively – with Pointman Identification Security Printing Solutions.

With Pointman Technologies Printing Solutions, Healthcare providers can:

• Track patient activity, monitor visitor access, maximize inventory control and automate operations with machine-readable technologies such as magnetic stripes, bar codes and smart chips

• Use cards for tracking patient activity, confirming patient eligibility, maximizing inventory control, and protecting confidential records

• Create specialized IDs for cashless payment in the cafeteria or gift shop

Employee IDs

Issue secure, durable employee ID cards and badges with the Pointman Technologies card personalization systems you use for issuing patient photo IDs.

With Pointman Technologies Identification Security Printing Solutions, Healthcare Providers can:

• Link to a centralized database of images and information that integrates with your employee access control and time-and- attendance systems

• Verify identities on-screen when employees enter secure areas or forget their IDs

• Track inventory and automate time and attendance records

• Control access to labs and other critical areas with multi-technology employee IDs

• Ensure ease-of- use with intuitive solutions that integrate with HIS technology

Protecting the Health of your Identity

Healthcare providers trust Pointman Technologies to create highly successful card programs. Here is why:

• Essential benefits. We help establish programs that maximize security and optimize efficiency while reducing risk and total cost of operation.

• Superior security. We enable customers to create highly secure identity documents that protect people, facilities, networks and other critical resources.

• Best practices. As a central figure in highly secure programs worldwide, Pointman has deep knowledge of industry best practices and can give customers direct access to it.

• Collaborative approach. Pointman Technologies collaborates with customers, working on-site and side-by- side to solve complex problems.

• Flexibility. Flexibility is critical for meeting specific needs. Our solutions can easily adapt to new requirements, technologies and processes.

• Smooth deployment. Refined in the most demanding environments, our solutions help ensure smooth integration and installation, so they can be deployed with confidence.


Pointman Technologies works hard to help you take on new challenges in a rapidly changing healthcare market.

• Increase safety and security by securing access to patient records, lab results, facilities and restricted areas.

• Reduce costs by automating access control, eligibility verification, inventory management, patient registration and time and attendance.

• Confirm patient eligibility for health insurance coverage, pharmacy prescriptions and doctor’s orders.

• Track every patient interaction with your healthcare network, enabling you to offer special marketing incentives.

• Make critical patient information securely available to clinicians at the point of care.

• Strengthen patient loyalty with personalized cards and personalized mailings that target specific groups of people, drive frequent visitor programs and allow you to track facility and program usage.

• Create specialized transaction IDs for cashless payment in the cafeteria or gift shop, prepayment accounts, or flex spend stored value cards

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