Military & Government ID Card Printers

Throughout the world, ID cards are used to provide citizens with access to specialized resources, benefits, and privileges. Pointman Technologies offers end-to-end solutions that help governments increase security and maximize efficiency of a wide variety of identification programs.

National ID card

A national ID card needs to be durable and counterfeit-proof. Pointman Technologies, providers of personalization solutions for cards, will advise and support you in your project to print secure ID cards.

Government Employee and Military IDs

In an effort to prevent fraud, counterfeiting and exploitation, governments around the world are increasing security by issuing employee IDs, contractor IDs and military IDs that meet FIPS 201 and interoperability standards. Pointman Technologies offers cost-effective solutions that maximize security through the entire document issuance process

• Provide the strongest defense against military ID and government ID alteration with custom laminates that feature unique tamper evidence and unsurpassed adhesion.

• Enable electronic security and biometric storage with industry-leading contact or contactless smart card technology.

• Minimize risk and implementation time with fully integrated components.

• Achieve FIPS 201 approval for use in the Personal Identification Verification (PIV) card for access to U.S. Federal offices.

• Reduce total cost of ownership with precise quality control systems that improve card accuracy, security and durability.

Other Government Applications

·         Federal Agencies

·         State & Local Government ID

·         Law Enforcement and First Responders

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)

Governments can increase efficiencies and reduce fraud associated with food stamps by transferring benefit funds directly to a retail account for the purchase of food. Pointman Technologies offers cost-effective personalization solutions, debit card solutions and post-issuance management capabilities.

Social Security

Many governments issue social security benefits to qualified recipients through a government  IDcard. Multi-functional cards can be designed to accommodate pension, medical insurance and social insurance applications. Pointman Technologies offers cost-effective solutions that maximize document security while increasing efficiency.

State ID

State or provincial IDs are often issued as a form of identification when a national ID card is not offered, or a state driver’s license cannot be obtained. Pointman Technologies can provide cost-effective state or provincial ID solutions that offer many of the same security and efficiency benefits of our proven national ID offerings.


In many countries transit cards are being expanded with smart card technology for multiple applications, such as making purchases in restaurants, stores and self-service kiosks. Pointman Technologies offers a variety of solutions for issuing and managing multi-application government cards.

Law Enforcement ID

Law enforcement agencies use ID badges as a secure way to identify officers and control access to both classified information and secure areas. Pointman Technologies offers deep expertise and a broad solutions portfolio for secure law enforcement identification.

First Responder ID

When an accident or crisis situation occurs, it is as imperative that first responders have access to the scene. It is also imperative that unauthorized persons are kept out. Pointman Technologies can help design and implement an ID program that includes a variety of card security.

Pointman Technologies Smart Card Protection means your Identity is Untouchable

Pointman Technologies solves complex identity issues for governments worldwide. Government agencies trust Pointman Technologies to provide secure identification solutions including national IDs, travel documents, driver’s licenses, healthcare IDs, smart IDs and e-government applications. Here is why:

• Maximum efficiency. Pointman Technologies offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that that optimize efficiencies addresses for enrollment, personalization, issuance and delivery and post-issuance management. We help governments establish secure identification programs that optimize efficiency.

• Superior security. As a central figure in highly secure government programs, Pointman Technologies has developed a thorough understanding of industry best practices, standards and regulations. Our innovative technologies deliver increased security from enrollment through post-issuance.

• Smooth deployment. Easy to implement in the most demanding environments, Pointman Technologies solutions help ensure smooth integration and fast installation. Modular software and hardware. designs easily accommodate evolving requirements, new technologies and other changes.

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