Secure Sports & Entertainment Events with ID Card Printers & Readers

Hosting any event, from an intimate concert to a major sports competition, requires the host to keep a lot of plates spinning. On the day of your event, the last thing you want to worry about is making sure the right people can get to the right places. You similarly don’t want added stress from the wrong people being in the wrong ones. Using secure ID cards and badges can help you streamline the flow of people, eliminating a significant source of headache for all event hosts. With reliable card printers and card readers, getting those ID cards in place is simple for your sports and entertainment events.

Imagine. You have an in-house card printer that you can use to create badges and ID cards for all of your event staff and talent. At each access point, you position a card reader that allows permissioned people through while preventing access for general event attendees. You can streamline your security staff and ensure you have the right hands available at the right places. Managing the crowds that come with any event becomes significantly easier.

Pointman Technologies offers top-of-the-line smartcard technology. This is the same computerized chip technology you see in all chipped credit and debit cards. It quickly and securely stores information. This offers you the ability to personalize each ID card and manage each individual badge after it is issued. With our card printers, you have the control to issue new badges as the need arises. If you bring on additional event staff at the last minute or choose to change access to certain areas as you handle the unexpected, you can create new badges or adjust the access given by existing badges.

Rather than tasking your security staff with the time-consuming act of visually approving those badges at each point of your sports or entertainment event, you can simply set up card readers. Pointman Technologies’ card readers are built on highly reliable and secure technology. With these card readers, your staff can easily control access to ticketed and/or restricted areas.

At Pointman Technologies, we pride ourselves on collaborating with our customers to set them up with the ideal security technology. We offer a wide range of ID card printers and readers to help any size and type of entertainment or sports event run smoothly. Our goal is to optimize your security, helping your event run as efficiently and safely as possible. Put our flexible, reliable sports and entertainment event technology to work for you.

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