Education ID Card Printers

Creating and Securing the Safety of  Students and Staff Members within our Instructions of Education.

  • How to Enhance and better the student on campus education experience
  • New Purpose for School Security
  • Visitor Identification
  • The best value in school ID card systems to protect your students, staff, and budget.

Schools, colleges and universities utilize secure ID cards to foster a safe learning environment, often combining access control, identification and transactional applications into one card for flexibility and convenience. Pointman’s school ID systems make it easy and affordable to integrate new ID card technologies that make campus life more efficient for everyone.

Student ID Card Printers

Student IDs help create a safe campus environment. Designed with school colors and mascots, they boost school spirit. Plus, student ID cards enable transactions for a variety of school activities.

With Pointman Identification Security Printing Solutions for student ID solutions, you can issue secure, durable student ID cards that:

• Manage checkout of books, supplies and other equipment

• Automate attendance tracking

• Integrate with existing student account databases

• Control access to school facilities, restricted areas, and extracurricular events

College and University Campus ID Cards

Multi-application campus student ID cards enhance visual identification and create a single way to access a variety of systems and services; increasing efficiency for students and increasing revenues for your campus.

With Pointman Identification Security Printing for campus ID solutions, you can issue secure, durable student ID cards that:

• Enable student access to dorms, labs, classrooms, parking, and events

• Allow students to check out library books, purchase meals and get cash from ATMs

• Ensure secure login to local networks and databases

• Integrate seamlessly with existing campus management systems

Faculty and Staff ID Cards

Pointman Technologies ID Card Printers allow easy identification of Faculty, Teachers, and Staff employees while controlling access to restricted areas. Improve your ID cards by adding Logos and Mascot images.

With Pointman Technologies Identification Security Printing solutions, you can issue secure, durable staff IDs that:

• Enable at-a-glance identification of faculty and staff members

• Grant special access to facilities and restricted areas

• Reinforce your brand by incorporating school colors, logo and mascot

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